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Listen/purchase: s/t by Börn


Listen to Plaids by Plaids

They also have a split with the wonderful XAXAXA


Modern Love - Small Stone EP out now on Lilla Himmel. You can buy it from Tiger and listen on Bandcamp.


hey my new hardcore band svettas eller dö played our first show last thursday on punkfest 2014! it was super fun and here are our three first songs of the set

allergichock - about all the shitty things in the world giving us allergic reactions

baltic - abput balticgruppen who owns almost all of umeå and their shitty way of building the city (including a new mall with the name utopia as a punch in teh gut to anyone who has ever believed anything anytime)

i våran värld - about how we hate all kinds of fascism and that it has no place in our world